Wednesday, March 8, 2017

LEGS8007 Classes 06.2 & 06.3

Part 11

I gave out a copies of Kelly v Morris reproduced from The Law Times and a press release from the ECJ on SABAM v Netlog.  I was keen for students to see an example of a law report, and in particular to see the kind of language lawyers sometimes have to deal with.  The contrast with the ECJ press release is startling.

We discussed at the challenges new technologies have posed for copyright enforcement and the approaches that rights holder have taken in recent years.  In particular we looked at Digital Rights Management (DRM) schemes.

Part 12

We explored the roles of services provides (such as YouTube) and ISPs (such as Eircom and UPC) is assisting rights holders in their efforts to discourage copyright infringement, and the extent to which they can be compelled to provide assistance.

Exam Questions:

Assess the effectiveness of technological Digital Rights Management (DRM) schemes in balancing the rights of copyright holders and consumers.

How can online services providers avoid liability for copyright infringements by their customers. 

That concludes our look at copyright.

In the next class I hope to talk about the assessment regime for the module.

Next up we will look a the copyright implications of hyperlinks

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